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_dsf8581I have decided to write again. As I sit here, run-over by a viral infection of special proportions, I am thankful. It is officially the day to give thanks. And I am listening to Etta James in stereo. My children are starting their 43rd project of the day, my wife is frantically sweeping up after them and wondering where they get their non-stop energy. I laugh and say that the peaches did not fall far from the trees. And now my lovely wife sits down by my side and cruises more political essays online.

I am coming off a three month process of deciding some monumental life changes. Moving. Uprooting. Parents and advancing age. Career changes that would potentially risk much…and just maybe create something very special. And then there is the upcoming Tour Divide. Yes, I am planning. Planning away and pretending it might just fly next June.

I have caught myself many times the last weeks saying, “be careful what you wish for.” On this day of thanks I remember that there are many days that I am thankful. And I still do a miserable job of showing that to the people that matter most in my life. I am incapacitated, somedays, to make contact. Why, I do not know. I am embarrassed by my lack of affections.

So moving forward. I plan. And I will try to act. And try to help make the best world I know by loving the people nearest to me. And there will be musing about bikes, family, work, and other randomness. It all orbits around my brain. Hang on.

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